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As online search and reading come easy to me, I’ve depended on them regularly for varied learning. In the area of mosaic based orientation, I’ve found these websites and blogs to be wonderful resources, and I recommend them highly for beginners to read, reread and use the shared ideas for their mosaic experiments. All the tutorials and advice are made available free of cost here so when combined with a good book, a helpful online group and regular hands-on practice, they would amply support a mosaic learner’s quest to gaining confidence in the art of mosaic-making.

The Mosaic Store
This Australia based mosaic supplies store website is a wonderful resource for learning to mosaic. The website’s blog carries How-to project tutorials, tips and primers on tools that all beginners to mid-level mosaicists would find immensely useful.

The Mosaic Supply Store
This US based mosaic supply store website is an ocean of ideas, primers and clarifications on all matters mosaics. Its owner Joe Moorman mentions this as his site’s mission statement that resonates with me entirely:

One of our most important goals is to promote contemporary mosaic as a fine art and encourage ordinary people to make original mosaic art in their own style. 

The FAQ itself is an exhaustive resource and must be referred to by all levels of mosaic practitioners.

The site owner Lou Ann Weeks runs an online mosaic supply store and writes this useful blog that covers the basics of mosaic-making. Her videos and posts promote her recommended mosaic consumables but one can still learn much about the general art and technique of making mosaics from her site.

Glass Campus
Dennis Brady started building this resource on glass fusing, cutting, selling and more when he saw that he had to work so hard to find the right information on techniques or tools. He built this website to share tutorials to promote free education to all. Most tutorials are focused on stained glass based techniques but a mosaic learner would find a lot of material of interest too.

Helen Miles Mosaics
There are a couple of blogs by mosaicists that I follow with interest. This one tops that list. Do read through the blog from its oldest to the newest post and enjoy Helen’s humour as also the knowledge she shares through her posts.

Let me know if I’ve missed any helpful mosaic learning resources that must be included in this post.

Author: Jyoti Bhargava

A perpetual learner who wears many hats and wants to equip any interested individual with information on making mosaics. Reach her at 'mail at jyotibhargava dot com'.

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