REVIEW OF BOOK: ‘MOSAIC Technique and Traditions’ by Sonia King

REVIEW OF BOOK: ‘MOSAIC Technique and Traditions’ by Sonia King
By Shilpa Dalal

One of the best and most comprehensive books that I have found so far is ‘MOSAIC Techniques and Traditions’ by Sonia King.  It covers the history of mosaic and how it was developed in different countries – the different materials that were used in those days and photographs of these mosaics, on floors and on walls.  It goes on to the works of the famous Antoni Gaudi that fill the city of Barcelona, Spain.  This ancient art of mosaic is very much alive today and this book portrays not only the historical mosaics, but also modern day, contemporary artists. 

The different techniques of mosaic making are very well explained, including how to design a mosaic for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.  Interspersed with actual projects that one can make, are photographs of mosaics from different parts of the world.

Sonia King has shown how to use the different materials for mosaic, such as smalti, vitreous tiles, china, ceramic tiles, and the projects shown range from small, easy projects, to ones that are fixed on the wall, to even a 3-D project. The only material that is not covered in this book is the use of stained glass in mosaics.  Other than that, I totally recommend this book to all mosaic enthusiasts and lovers, from beginners to advanced.­­


Shilpa Dalal is a mosaicist and painter based in Mumbai, India.
Her works can be seen on her Facebook Page.