Mosaic Tools in India

Since my last 3 posts on mosaic tools, I have the following update and leads to pass along:

Sai Mosaic Art

This company has now begun selling the following tools and accessories from its website:

. Wheeled nippers
. Replacement blades for wheeled nippers
. Nippers for shaping ceramic tiles
. A set of 4 picks
. Fibre-glass mesh by meter

Their nippers and picks are available through Amazon India as well.

If the website’s payment gateway gives any problem, contact them on their email with your requested items.


New Bombay Hardware Traders

NBHT has begun to stock all the tools necessary for handling ceramic tiles. The tool listing is as below with the prices as of December 2016:

Rubi 5975 Hand Held Tile Cutter
MRP: Rs. 685.00
Discounted Price Including Tax: Rs. 622.00
More Details at:

Rubi 71970 Nippers for Glass Mosaic
MRP: Rs. 2,772.00
Discounted Price Including Tax: Rs.2,517.00
More Details at:

Rubi 65926 Nippers for Ceramic Tiles
MRP: Rs. 1,419.00
Discounted Price Including Tax: Rs.1,288.00
More Details at:

Rubi 83942 Nippers for Porcelain Tiles
MRP: Rs. 3,689.00
Discounted Price Including Tax: Rs. 3,350.00
More Details at:

Rubi 65925 Parrot Nippers
MRP: Rs. 2,307.00
Discounted Price Including Tax: Rs. 2,095.00
More Details at:

Rubi 12969 Manual Tile Cutter
MRP: Rs. 8,432.00; Discounted Price Including Tax: Rs. 7,656.00
Video at:

For purchasing any of these tools, an email to the Sales Head, Mr. Akshay Jain (akshayjain at nbhtpl dot com) would get you the company bank details for making its payment. The tool would be couriered to any city in India.


Lastly, it’s good to see that Amazon India has been enlisting mosaic media suppliers but it’s also disappointing to note that other than Sai Mosaic’s products, most other items are prohibitively priced. For now, one can buy mosaic books from them and wait till their product range increases and is priced better.


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